Discover the volcanic island of Nisyros!

The island of Nisyros is one of the most beautiful islands in the region the Dodecanese. Not only the active volcano creates an interesting destination, but also its green nature, nice villages and archaeological sites. To understand this volcano island, you are recommended to hike on one of the many hiking routes of the island. Before you plan your tours, you should visit first the volcanological museum in the village Nikia. There you will get a great introduction in the geological history of Nisyros and also you will find hiking maps for the geological trails. Even Nisyros is a favourite destination for one day trips from Cos island, it is worth to stay longer on the island. There are the beautiful villages Mandraki, Pali, Emporio and Nikia which are not only attractive for photographers. There are some nice beaches near Pali (lies beach) or near Mandraki village (Kohlaki beach). The famous highlight of the island are of course its craters in the middle of the volcanic caldera. There you can get into the Stefanos crater and watch boiling mud pools and hot fumaroles. If you are interested in history, you should also visit the modern archaeological museum in Mandraki with ancient burials and lots of great items from prehistoric to ancient times.
Nisyros sis worth a longer stay and you will find some hotels, restaurants, shops in Mandraki capitol village. If you want to move free on the island, we recommend to rent a car or a motorbike at Manos Cars!