The most important place of Nisyros island

Mandraki is one of the most beautiful villages in Greece and can also compete with famous places like Mykonos. Just that you experience the original Greece here! The coastal village is characterized by beautiful streets that lead, for example, to the beautiful Ilikiomeni Square. In the alley Potamos you come to the ancient Acropolis. Or you can walk to Kochlaki Beach. There are some good taverns on the seafront or in Ilikiomeni Square. In nice cafes you can enjoy the sunset. There are a few beautiful, ancient chapels, often located in ancient places, which reused the building materials of the ancient inhabitants. Above Mandraki towers the monastery of Panagia Spiliani, which also houses a small museum. But the most interesting thing is the archaeological museum with great finds from the ancient cemetery, which came to light during the construction of the sports field. There are several accommodation options in Mandraki Harbour.


Aerial photographs of Mandraki village

Highlights of Mandraki