Minerals from Nisyros volcano - an explosive mixture

Minerals collecting in Nisyros is a special challenge. In order to find anything at all, you have to deal with the geology of the island. Most of the island consists of andesites and dacites which are relatively monotonous and they do not contain much of interesting minerals. However, since the base of Nisyros consists not only of magma chambers, but also from sediments of the Mesozoic age, there are interesting processes. If there is breaking material from the surrounding sediments into the magma chamber, new rocks are created, because the limestone is changed in its chemistry and looses its gas. The so called "skarn" rock is created! An this is the material to look for on Nisyros. The greenish or white rocks contain rare minerals like garnet, spinel or even big pyroxene crystals. The skarn can be found mostly in pumice quarries or on old walls. The best places to discover it are Pali and Avlaki. 


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The best places to discover rare minerals in skarn rocks are the walls around Avlaki and the small pumice quarries near Pali village.