Volcanological information centre Nikia

Established in 2010, Volcanological Museum in Nikia is one of the best geological museums in Greece.It shows in all facets the how volcanoes are formed and where you can find volcanoes on Earth. On numerous charts and great photos the "Fascination Volcano" is made available to a wide audience. The main initiator, the Greek geologist and volcanologist Jiorgis Vougioukalakis has designed this information center with a team of museum educators. It also belongs to a network of geological trails which Jiorgis Vougioukalakis is presenting in his a hiking guide ("Blue Volcanoes", available at the museum). In the volcanological Museum you can watch videos about the rise of the volcanic island of Nisyros and the surrounding volcanoes Cos, Yali, Strongyli or Pergousa.
Actually, one should first visit this volcanological museum before visiting the crater Stefanos and Polyvotis in the caldera valley!


How can you get to the museum?

The museum is situated at the village square when you enter Nikia. You can get to Nikia by the local bus, a taxi or with a rented car. Near the museum you may find also the hiking trail down into the caldera and to the volcano craters.


Opening hours

*Daily 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed on Friday
Sunday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Tel. 2242031400

*Please inform yourself in Mandraki if the museum is open! Sometimes it is closed and it is pity if you drive there and its closed...