The ancient acropolis of Mandraki

Even the name of the main village "Mandraki" ("little wall") indicates the impressive, black walls above the village. Not far from the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, extends the gigantic fortress wall of the ancient Acropolis of Nisyros. The meter-thick and well-carved bricks  weigh each more than a ton and are hewn from rock-hard volcanic rock. With which technique it was already possible to work such a rock around 300-400 before Christ's birth is a mystery until today.
The fortress was restored a few years ago with EU funds and is good to visit. The path from the village is not far and it is worth a hike to it! Even if you stand in front of the entrance gate of the Acropolis, you will be amazed!


Photos of the ancient acropolis Paliocastro